Six common reasons to get out of the office for a meeting or event.

We’ve done them all and more.

Industry Conferences

Professional enrichment.

Planning an industry conference is a lot different than attending one. The logistics involved can be staggering - marketing, registration, agenda, speakers, breakout sessions, social events, sponsorships, news, awards, etc. For many conference planners, it can be a full-time job. Let us take some of the details off your plate. Our knowledge and experience can help you identify the property best-suited to your needs and contract terms designed to protect your organization, drive attendance and ensure participants and attendees return year after year.

Design your conference
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Executive Retreats

Leadership brainstorming.

Even without a vacation day, executives often find that retreats are prime opportunities to regroup and recharge. Executive retreats offer CEOs and their peers or lieutenants an opportunity to have candid conversations. Retreats range widely from a dozen people in small or mid-sized organizations to several hundred executives in large, public corporations. They may be hesitant to leave the office, but executives attending effective retreats end up feeling that their time is used wisely; what they lose in time, they should gain in contacts or knowledge.

Plan your retreat
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Trade Shows

Facilitating customer relationships.

Trade shows offer a level of logistical complexity that is similar to conventions. Exhibiting and registration details are staggering. For smaller trade shows, the exhibit hall and lodgings maybe in the same hotel. But for larger trade shows, where convention halls are used for the exhibition floor, trade organizations need to arrange for lodging accommodations across multiple properties along with transportation logistics to and from the exhibit hall. Let our experience guide you to ensure you meet the needs of vendors choosing to exhibit.

Plan your show
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Strategy Sessions

Reset & reboot.

Even high-performing teams can lose focus. High-performing leaders recognize when that has happened and look for ways to reset their collective compass. A change of scenery often helps reinvigorate your team and get them pointing in the same direction. Finding the right room(s) and amenities to foster ideation and strategizing is essential to regaining control. We work within a radius you designate. We find the coolest locations in destinations that allow for the right balance of work and play.

Set strategy
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Sales Incentives & Awards

Recognize top performers.

Salespeople are competitive. Whether it’s against each other for company bragging rights or beating the competition, salespeople want to win. A sales retreat uses that to your advantage. We help you select a location that inspires competition. Award your top performers and point out competitors that are doing just a tiny bit better than they are. Introduce statistics that show members of your sales team how they’re stacking up against each other and others within the industry.

Divide & conquer
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Team Building

Foster teamwork & productivity.

Effective team building means more engaged employees, which is good for company culture and boosting the bottom line. And, if you do it with a little pizzazz, they can be flat-out fun. But team-building meetings don't stop at the river's edge or the ropes course. Where you go and where you stay adds to the experience. That's where we come in...

Huddle up
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